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@wartranslated Wow. You are Amazing. All my Respect from Canada 🇨🇦. Thank You for all you do. We are Hammering our governments to give you more and more powerful weapons. I hope the new weapons arriving will make a big difference. Slava Ukraine. 🙏💙🇨🇦🙏🇺🇦

@Seveerity I'm counting on it.. they bite, they burn... How can you not love Ukraine??? How can you not get emotional?! 😊🥰🇺🇦. Slava Ukraine

@bigSAC10 Its Multicam. Wagner has been known to wear it. The other Russian forces in the video have white armbands. The shooter says Slava Ukraine towards the end of the video. I’m leaning towards Ukrainian war crime.

@theJ_abides @drunksurfer95 @rmgil2004 @mattgaetz Please send me a video of a Russian war crime and I will review it. Care to comment on the execution of this guy followed by Slava Ukraine

@WJBMass I basically confirmed what you'd previously said What a waste of words Slava Ukraine

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