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@SkyNews @AlexCrawfordSky The Military Industrial Complex, including the US, NATO, and other participants, wants this to be just one more protracted conflict. Ukraine should hold peace negotiations with Russia if it genuinely cares about preserving human life.

@SkyNews Pope Francis says Nato caused the Ukraine War. Nato must be destroyed in particular the US which is a warmongering, lawless rogue state.

@SkyNews Russia will bring peace to Ukraine after the Nazis are defeated once again. God bless Russia and its great people.

@SkyNews I will never understand the emphasis some people put on some arbitrary line on a map. Russia may take the Donbas but they will not have possession a year from now. Russia has taken as much as it has only because of the shameful waffling and delay of Ukraine's allies.

@SkyNews This is horrible and no one seems to care ! Ukraine is a sovereign nation being taking by another nation after they gave up their nuclear weapons with promise of being protected by USA and NATO does that mean nothing?

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