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@RussianEmbassy @BBCWorld @SkyNews @ftworldnews @guardianworld @TelegraphWorld @LBCNews @itvnews @POLITICOEurope @InsiderDonbass @StatesmanWorld What the hell is the Republic of Donetsk? No such thing exists in the real world. PS: those Russian misses you blame on Ukraine are so easy to disprove. Get out of Ukraine now.

@SkyNews Russian pilots flying into drones? No wonder they can't defeat Ukraine. #SlavaUkrainii

@RussianEmbassy @BBCWorld @SkyNews @LBCNews @itvnews @ftworldnews @guardianworld @TelegraphWorld @spectator @POLITICOEurope @ForeignAffairs If you're referring to Ukraine, handing over the 'annexed territories' to Russia is patently unrealistic. The solution lies with advancing Ukrainian parliamentary representation.

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