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@elonmusk And results would be 98% voted - yes, we want to be a part of Russia and all English speaking residents would be sent so Siberia, like Russians did with all neighbouring countries after world war 2. They tried to destroy languages, cultures. Same they are doing with Ukraine.

@nikolay_yelesin @lapatina_ @elonmusk Reported just 33.5 thousand displaced crimeans within Ukraine. How many killed? How many shipped to Siberia and other parts of russia? And yet population grown by 43.5 thousand... Where is misinformation?

@wheat28476160 @PhillipsPOBrien Yes. This thinking that Xi and China is looking for a way out… that China is going to make Russia a client state… that Chinese troops are going to sweep across Siberia and Russian Far East (32 times of Ukraine) is a fun form of fantasy many “experts” can not have enough of.

Congrats to @BalmacedaEnergy , winner of the Marshall D. Shulman Book Prize @aseeestudies! Balmaceda's prize-winning book, "Russian Energy Chains: The Remaking of Technopolitics from Siberia to Ukraine to the European Union," is particularly relevant today

@IkpeAnaghi I personally don't understand the special attention paid to Putin by some African population for " Russia didn't colonise Africa." OK , but Russia did colonise a huge part of Siberia, half of the European countries before and after WWII and even committed genocide against Ukraine

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