SecDef - Ukraine Tweets

"We've seen some outstanding contributions in just the last month...I look forward to discussing how we'll build on that momentum" per @SecDef, noting @NATO defense ministerial / #Ukraine contact group meeting next week in #Brussels

On #Russia-#Ukraine "It's almost been a year since the since Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine & NATO stands stronger & more united than ever" per @SecDef

@JakeSullivan46 wanted to end the war quickly so they could focus on China. @SecBlinken & @SecDef didn't want to let Russia get away with destroying the rule-based peace order & called for massive military support for Ukraine. Suffering America, her nation is collapsing.

@MargoGontar UK is taking the lead again in providing the weapons Ukraine needs to win. @POTUS @SecDef, what’s the hold up in getting air support to Ukraine’s defenders?

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