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@UAWeapons Just goes to show that if western nations had been a bit faster in helping Ukraine with artillery, the war would've been over by now. But nooo, they all Scholzed around for a bit. (Fortunately most eventually got going, even though Scholz is still Scholzing.)

@JulieLevkova @Phrasenpruefer_ @manta_greg @_JakubJanda @_EuropeanValues @TimothyDSnyder I don't like Scholz, I aleady protested against his course. I am all for constructive citicism and reality-based demands However, this is not what we see here in twitter: Eveything is full of myth and fantasy demand, this won't help Ukraine either

@Wiktori48148833 @GOP Money drove that. Germans made money with Nord Stream Deutchebank even selling weapons. But I did read East Germany and West Germany differ in support for Ukraine and Putin I assumed perhaps wrongly they vote Scholz?

@trussliz Are we going to 🤝 lock this as a United Kingdom of Great Britain and The protectorate states of Ukraine, Donbas, Luhansk and Crimea? No point rebuilding Kyiv if you're just gonna give it to Putin or Scholz. That's our future NATO/BALTPAC industrial powerhouse, tanks tanks!

#Germany should prepare for a prolonged inflation, said Scholz after a meeting with trade union representatives, employers and academics. According to him, crisis caused by war in #Ukraine, effects of pandemic and supply chain failures will not be overcome in a few months.

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