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@IngrahamAngle Irving wrong with audits but let’s be real the us sec of defense is missing $220B in assets. What’s a few more in Ukraine!

"Prime Minister" of Finland says that the Ukraine war must be supported for 15 years if needed - 33 sec video

Germany: ja, ja, we will send some Leopard to Ukraine, eventually. But we need to set them up first! Canada: sorry, could you hold my poutine for a sec?

@Bondo__s @Ashdown_Kyle @nexta_tv You do know Russia doesn't recognize Ukraine as a sovereign Nation? You do know Russian TV calls for killing as many Ukrainians as possible? You do know Russia is the one who could end this war in a sec by withdrawing its troops?

What changed? -We stand by the statement that we made from here at the podium, these are going to be difficult capabilities to maintain and sustain. -That said following the Sec. visit to the Ukraine Contact Group we saw a commitment in immediate capabilities.

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