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@maria_avdv Russians don’t attack with S-300 missiles. They never have. All S-300s are Ukrainian Surface to Air Missiles that crash back on the ground after having missed their targets. Ukraine has fired thousands of S-300s since the beginning of the war. They dont’ stay in the sky.

Kharkiv. A burst from the S-300 rocket, which the aggressor used to hit the city center last night #Kharkiv #Ukraine #RussiaIsATerroristState #Russian #Putin https://t.co/tlploBd8mx

@Don_Trower @LBC @ShelaghFogarty Russian bombers are scared to fly in Ukraine because of MANPADS and the ancient S-300. There is 0 chance they will chance it with a Type 45 destroyer and Sky Sabre...

@BetalJuice @gslavic @nopleasenotme @SpectrDisrspctr @witte_sergei … Meanwhile Russia was using the same S300 missiles to attack many parts of Ukraine and still does so. So their S300 missiles (same missiles) would have ground detonators NATO & US has a vested interest to lie and protect Russia here to de-escalate

❗️#Russians hit the central part of #Kharkiv (North-East of #Ukraine). Preliminary, they fired 6 to 10 missiles from the S-300 system. Information about the victims and the extent of the damage is being clarified - Kharkiv RMA, Oleh Synehubov. #russiaisateroriststate

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