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@charliedaniel06 @Iibs_suck In 1994 an agreement was made to denuclearizeUkraine, that was on the condition that Ukraine would be protected, Putler blew all that out the window, Russia's words are not worth the paper they are written on, every non jailed, non murdered Russian politician is a liar.

He would probably want America to send $$ to fund Russia's war against Ukraine! One bully supporting another bully. "Trump says Ukraine war, inflation wouldn’t happen if he were president ..."

UK ramps up gas and oil exports to EU amid Russia’s war in Ukraine | Oil | The Guardian

The United States, the EU, and G7 are already shunning and banning Russia’s oil in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But the West has failed to limit the most significant contribution to Vladimir Putin’s war chest—oil revenues.     The U.S. an…

@MacaesBruno expensive and important equipment further behind them, like parked jets, missiles, radars. The more of this stuff we blow up in Ukraine, the less they have to use when they attack Finland. So NATO needs to be taking this opportunity to ruin as much of Russia's military as they c

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