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@thesiriusreport Money is important to Greece and the Greeks. Europe is a story for them. He gave military vehicles to Ukraine and got better ones from America and Germany. They don't give anything for free. In fact, it is Russia's trojan horse in NATO, carrying 53% of Russian oil.

@kfoley805 @johnhawkinsrwn @JackPosobiec We got involved in Syria,Afghanistan,Georgia, and Ukraine for the sole purpose of putting pressure on Russia. Syria and Ukraine are Russia’s only warm water naval bases both countries have or are being destroyed because of it. Had we stayed away from both neither 1would have been

"Europe's economy scraped out meagre gains at the end of last year as galloping inflation fed by high energy prices and Russia's invasion of Ukraine deterred people from spending in shops and restaurants."

As Russia’s war on Ukraine nears the one-year mark, @frontlinepbs investigates "Putin and the Presidents." Watch the all-new documentary Tuesday at 9pm and stream on the PBS App:

Ukraine denies Russia's claim it has taken control of Soledar as fighting continues #Canada #Germany #America #Ukraine #Bakhmut

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