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@mschrammbo @WarClandestine Well when you saw Ukraine was slaughtering ethnic Russians from 2014 up til Putin decided to put a stop to it....that part did not already have you figuring out the "wrong side"?

@AmbrosianaS @DrAnnaPirates Ukrainian government did nothing wrong. Stop blaming Ukraine, the victim. Russia invaded because this is what 🇷🇺 does for centuries: invade, do ethnic cleansing (genocide) and colonize/replace local population with Russians. This is how 🇷🇺 always extended. Read this please:

@Safari_1977 @reva702 @ChuckPfarrer @officejjsmart They are at war because Russia attacked Ukraine. UN does not support the propaganda claim that Ukraine kill thousand of civilians. Russians shot down a civilian aircraft. You cant count those as civilians killed by Ukraine. Soldiers also do not count.

@DevasiaSajan Please, please, go and educate yourself. Don’t be ignorant and do not spread alternate history. Russians have not liberated Poland, they invaded hand in hand with Hitler attacking from east on 17th Sept 1939. They brought death and missery, they do the same yet again in Ukraine.

@WarClandestine Your forgetting the decade of Ukraine killing Russians without opposition or intervention of any world leaders

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