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Ombudsman: 800 severely wounded Ukrainian POWs are held in Russia. Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets told RFE/RL that 800 severely wounded Ukrainian servicemen are held as prisoners of war in Russia. According to Lubinets, 200 severely wounded Russian POWs are held in Ukraine.

@CM147143 @a_t_asmolov @OlgaNYC1211 What do you expect Russia to do? They were former Russian civilians of the Soviet Union that were left stranded when the USSR collapsed. All Ukraine had to do was not harass and kill them. Everything would be fine. They were quite willing to live within the Ukrainian state.

Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda urges NATO to cross more ‘Russian red lines’. He called on NATO to escalate its brinkmanship in Ukraine by supplying Western-made fighter jets and long-range missiles to Kiev. Russia may like it too; to weaken NATO by destroying their stuff

Massive Attack (Jan 26 2023) Ukrainian forces fired dozens HIMARS missile destroyed 44 Russian tanks #Canada #Germany #America #Ukraine #Bakhmut

@LivFaustDieJung There ware much more bombing runs vs exposed russian columns at the begining of war. In this war all sorts of scenarios happen AD does not always work enemy might expose valuable targets and Ukraine needs the ability and options to hit those targets effectively..

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