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@Pavel58492926 @m1005c @ivan_8848 Evidence? I live in Toronto surrounded by the Russian community and not once have I seen a single Russian flag being waved. See tons of Ukraine flags though. Why aren't they out proudly supporting the motherland?

HEY VLAD, What Goes Around Comes Around: Ukraine Successfully Hitting Russian Command Posts With New Rocket System; Ukraine hits Russian military base in occupied Melitopol; Moscow blames UKR missile attack for deaths in south RU city, LIVE UPDATES + MORE

@carlbildt So you are saying that Nazi Ukraine uses NATO weapons to reach Russian territory. And they promised they wouldn't. Like all other promises, this was not kept by the fascist Ukrainians. NATO weapons means NATO started a war in Russia. Are you afraid of the consequences?

@jamestown0123 @Schuldensuehner EU are paying for the war against Ukraine buying Russian gas, this ha# nothing to do with Americas war,

Not even 5 months into their little escapade in #Ukraine and they're already at 36,000+ dead. The entirety of US losses in Vietnam: around 58,000. They'll be past that by like October. Casualty mitigation must not figure into Russian military doctrine.

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