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All for a US drone. Putin not escalating the war, Biden is. After blowing up the pipeline the US has some nerve calling out war crimes. Russia-Ukraine updates: Russian jet downs US drone over Black Sea | Russia-Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera via @AJEnglish

@Zeus___11 The #west is already on the verge of destruction. Economical-political-social defeat and DESTRUCTION. Pro-west and #Biden are refusing to accept this BITTER truth but #SVBCollapse, Russia-Ukraine war and the China-Russia military partnership is telling much

On Russia-Ukraine war Former diplomat says Vladimir Putin will have to resign if he loses

@truckdriverpleb His position on the Russia/Ukraine conflict is a huge turn off for me. I support peace.

Whatever else you might think of DeSantis's statement, the Russia-Ukraine war is in fact a "territorial dispute"

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