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Russia/Ukraine war has further exposed the potentials of nuclear energy...Franklin Nana Addai. @ #AfricaEnergyConf #AEC22 by @bftghana. @mytheoz @AcepPower @benboakye @nafichinery @NasirAlfaMoham1 @DGyeyir @Opaninba @PIACGhana

@AD1968F The US and UK had killed the prospects of Russia/Ukraine peace talks by June 2022

#ElonMusk tweets 'peace plan' for Russia-Ukraine war. Chaos ensues. - The Washington Post

@bennyjohnson Fuck yeah, take it and wipe out the accounts of all the assholes that voted against his peace plan for Russia/Ukraine.

@DefenceU Russia-Ukraine live news: Maps show rapid pullbacks by Russians Like:

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