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@deleoaude @Marine_Ukraine Your not the brightest person are you.Majority of the world & every decent person understand this is an invasion,a land grab to steal resources. Ukraine have untapped gas fields with existing pipelines to Europe.A big threat to Russia monopoly. crimea Donbas gas were discovered

Public health labs around the world have been a favorite target of Russian disinformation for decades. Russia is using these false narratives again to justify its brutal war in Ukraine. It is important to call out Russia for these falsehood like in this latest @TheGEC report

@EZorlon @ricwe123 Yes it’s called a false flag attack which Russia used as a pretext to the invasion. Which they’ve also tried on many occasions throughout the war. Like when they claimed 14k dead which turned out to be approx 3500 and those 3500 were killed by Russian firing on Ukraine.

"The Black Sea is a crucial theater in the war between Russia and Ukraine." by BY MATTHEW MPOKE BIGG via NYT New York Times

@DeptofDefense& @JoeBiden is dragging the entire @EU_Commission into a un warranted war Journalist speaking political scientist in both countries when & if this war is ever over &if human kind is here #USA will have rights &interest in #Ukraine & RUSSIA @eucopresident ....

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