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@AZmilitary1 @GeromanAT Oh, so they want to help Russia restore the East and South of Ukraine. Such a kindness....

Russian war deaths. Tragic for Russia, Ukraine, and the world.

@adamrangpr The price will be even bigger the next time if we don't stop Putin now. And I mean permanently stop him - every inch of #Ukraine returned, Putin in the ICC in Geneva, Russia to pay for war damages, and every war crime procecuted. Then our kids might not have this problem.

@EvidenceBaseShi @DrWallkick @WayfairPricing @vanillatary I'll put my hand up and admit to being wrong about this, but I was convinced the military buildup was pure posturing because I (correctly) believed that invading Ukraine would be a colossally stupid move and I (incorrectly) believed Russia wasn't dumb enough to try

@volansaquilae @turbohotdogz @olex_scherba This is not a national conflict. The Russian army is constantly killing Russians in Ukraine. Many Russians are fighting in the Ukrainian army against Russia.

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