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@KonstantinKisin @elonmusk ... Musk asked whether it is up to the people of a particular region to decide whether they want to be part of Russia or Ukraine, so the answer is no in principle, ...

@VitalikButerin Sadly I don't think the kremlins are as powerful as me and the war will last far longer. This is bad for Russia, but worse for Ukraine, as it's being waged on their territory, and they're accruing more KIA, probably in absolute terms and certainly relative to their population.

I’m as pacifist as they come and even I understand the importance of Ukraine defending its right to exist. Sure let’s just give Russia everything it wants! In the name of peace!! ✌️☮️🕊️🙃

@lapatina_ I don't get it. If you live in Ukraine but prefer to live in Russia, why don't you move to Russia?! There's enough space on Russia. Can anyone please solve that mystery?

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