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Elon Musk reiterates what Henry Kissinger suggested Read his statements Davos Meeting 2022. Ukraine is a state 30 years old full of problems. it was a province of Rusia centuries back. Europe and U.S. must pull back from this mess ASAP the cost and risk is too high for us

@elonmusk people forget that Ukraine it's a state that the Russians artificially make it much bigger in west with stolen lands from Poland,CehoSlovacia and Romania and in east and south with lands from Rusia . This happened from 1945 to 1953 , Ukraine before never was truly independent

@anders_aslund Meanwhile rusia has stolen grain from Ukraine and is trying to sell it mideast. The thief is in UN , so shameful

@ZelenskyyUa @elonmusk We support Rusia because Ukraine is the bad Apple of democrats terrorist government.

@KimDotcom Kim, on occupied territories of Ukraine rusians rape, murder and deport children. Like in Izium. Like in Bucha. We see the harm rusia has already caused to the world. The rusian empire will come back if they are not stopped. rusia can be stopped.This is how peace can be achieved

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