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@_WasatchMan @thevivafrei @AnitaAnandMP The Russian collapse is baked in. Their demography is toast. Their peace conditions in 2021 prior to all this were Ukraine, the Baltics, Poland, east Germany, and Romania and the US cutting ties with Europe. Sorry we didn't roll over.

@SwampFox8 @LukeDCoffey See my other tweets — if we lose Ukraine, then Poland, Finland, Romania, maybe also the Dutch, the Scandinavians and so on begin to view the US as unreliable. That is not a good state of affairs.

@zach_therock44 @TrueNorthCentre Russian minority it’s the largest one in Ukraine ,next are Romanian. Last week Ukrainian soldiers broke in to Romanian churches ,attacked romanian priests and force them to be deported from Ukraine even when they were born there … they are force to be deported in the Romania

@tudoran_catalin @WatkinsCB65 @colonelhomsi Some people in the west hate Russia, not all. Some of its irrational. Mostly our political class. Ukraine has the Nazi / far right issues. Russia fought against Nazis. Romania and Ukrainians fought with Nazi Germany.

@jemmaforte "Romania and Ukraine two sad neighbours"

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