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2️⃣Six months into the #Ukraine programme, we look back to its achievements: 🔸our effort has reached over 11.800 people and their families 🔸we are engaging with #EU and with @UN coordination mechanism 🔸we have adopted the Riga declaration ⬇️Learn more https://t.co/zdZH2T1adp

@Baron_H_Zemo || oh that's cool. I studied German at school for 3 years) I myself am from Ukraine, but I write Riga because it is so convenient for the character

@ReddropOscar Oscar, I've just returned from my first visit to Riga, if the folks of Ukraine 🇺🇦 are half as kind, pleasant and gentle as those in Latvia 🇱🇻 you're all set.

@lukiatos @StelkaMaris @justicar5 @EllenTu09305757 @tatyanaodesssa One just needs to google Peace Treaty of Riga where Poland and Soviet Russia agreed to partition Ukraine. Ukrainians immediately became an “ethnic minority” on their own territory, Ukraina. So please learn history or stay quiet because the truth is on our side, mudak.

Latvian authorities have declared a state of emergency along the country's border with Russia, as well as at its air, sea and rail border crossings, due to Moscow's military mobilization for the war in Ukraine, the government in Riga said. https://t.co/i8sGr7FWSf

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