Republican - Ukraine Tweets

Tucker: This is where GOP 2024 hopefuls stand on Ukraine via @YouTube Republican candidates all give their opinions about the War in Ukraine, and America’s responsibility…

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said Tuesday that opposing Russia in Ukraine is in fact a vital American national strategic interest.

#RonDeSantis disqualified himself from serious consideration as the Republican nominee by his policy of opposing support for Ukraine to throw out the Russian invaders. Clearly Ron is not ready to shoulder the burden of being the leader of the FREE world. #RonDeSantisNotReady

@froomkin @jricole Yes the same party that led US to invade Iraq now want to give Ukraine to Putin. Never vote Republican.

This issue may split Republican voters more than people think. One one side, the U.S. absolutely has a vested interest in Ukraine's success. On the other, internal problems plaguing the current admin need to be resolved. It will be interesting to see how the voting base reacts.

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