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@vivekagnihotri @RahulGandhi and Rahul says in another discussion the basic principle of China is harmony 😀 not individual liberty 🤣🤣 and some time back he said China has vision and India doesn’t has a vision 😊 and he was praising the vision of China!! So he agree with China or Russia or Ukraine or …

@37VManhas @rajnathsingh @narendramodi @RahulGandhi @ashokgehlot51 If China attacks India like Russia attacked Ukraine! Only Soldiers gonna save @sses of Police & Politicians!

@ANI Today,Primary school kid know the issue between Russia & Ukraine, kids knowledge is better than @RahulGandhi China have thier supporters as congress party in India, who is creating internal disturbance. Our leader Modi is fighting internal & external enemies. We are not afraid

@smitabarooah @RahulGandhi @narendramodi @DrSJaishankar To me, #NarendraModi govt will soon face another problem, if they will keep repeating hard stand against western countries, in case of #Ukraine war. @DrSJaishankar answers, sounded nice on media 4-5 times. Maybe it will work 1-2 times more. But it can't work in long term.

@theskindoctor13 He has been trained to denigrate India and Modi ji. He will get media attention, & the Western media will report as "the world is in danger because of Hindu nationalists." All these "talks" by @RahulGandhi is to seek foreign intervention in India, similar to Ukraine.

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