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@Rashad_Ashraf73 @dprat82 @thesiriusreport Yep, retreating from Kherson, getting knocked out of Kharkiv, supply routes under threat of HIMAR attack, rushing troops to the front with little to no training and equipment are all signs that the mighty Russian bear is about to destroy Ukraine and the West once and for all. L.

@herbert_parmer @laurenboebert I don't support Ukraine. It's just money laundering 101. What would the US do if Mexico put Russian nukes on our border? The same thing. If zucchini would quit his rhetoric about joining NATO, this waste of taxpayer money would be over.

@yossarian44 @NewtCE @MostlyGoatly @Tarin9000 @SKlim1320 @hodgetwins "Ukraine, however, is fighting the Russian army, not the Russian infrastructure." Since 2014.... right?

LIVE – Ukraine: the arrival of a Russian ship in the Black Sea raises fears of new strikes

@danielmkovalik 3/ "In the ongoing Russian armed aggression against Ukraine launched in February 2014, 147 children have been killed and thousands of children need help with physical and psychological problems," said Serhiy Kyslytsia, Ukraine's permanent representative to the UN, in a statement

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