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@RyanMcbeth Hi, I just wanted to see if you had an opinion on Putin's motives in Ukraine. I mean, there's the obvious wanting a buffer between Russia and NATO, but I think the unspoken half of it was to secure the 70.8 trillion cubic foot NG deposit in the Donetsk Oblast.

Unfortunately, since I announced President Putin's agreement to withdraw his country's forces from Snake Island to enable Ukraine to export wheat as a gesture of goodwill and a brave step that deserves praise for President Putin. https://t.co/oy898t08Rd

@Sean1980be @KyivIndependent False Flag Putin went to Ukraine under the guise of killing a handful of Nazis when Russia is infested with Nazis that Putin’s been cultivating for years. Turns out Putin just likes killing soldiers, CIVILIANS which include WOMEN, CHILDREN and BABIES! https://t.co/qdKGIkYARg

Russia military deaths pass 36k, Ukraine says, as Putin's gains exact heavy toll https://t.co/bRPl6i8SiM

@HowardChin7 @BBCSteveR @BBCWillVernon Why does Russia hate Ukraine? Ukraine has done nothing to Russia but embrace a Western European democratic lifestyle of freedom while rejecting the fascistic slave mindset of Putin’s regime. Why is Russia so threatened by that? #Ukraine #russia #putin #UkraineWar https://t.co/sJhX1hvF15

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