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#Putin signs decree to increase size of #Russian armed forces means #Ukraine war taking a toll on #Russia https://t.co/bnkYh6NYgg

@OfficialWutang @johnzamo95 @PrisonPlanet So, stop helping Ukraine to resist a Russian invasion? If mad Vlad is allowed to do what he wants the rest of Europe is next. Putin is a modern day Hitler.

@Geopolitica81 So he should have just allowed Putin and his troops into Ukraine then like what they miss in Crimea?

NBCNews: President Putin orders and increase of his country’s armed forces by 137,000 — or about 10% — as the Kremlin’s war in Ukraine passes the six month mark. https://t.co/lI5s8Ij05t

@Connor822808381 @ConservUSA38 @kalypsokarla @DonaldJTrumpJr Putin counted on Trump to divide NATO and not to resist an invasion of Ukraine. So Russia could have rolled in easy. Trump would never have supported Zelensky. Biden however got NATO together to give Ukrain the militairy aid, needed to resist Russia. Not what Putin planned for.

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