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@ReneeGiraldy Why would Putin even consider a trade to release Griner when Biden has completely funded and provided weapons to kill the Russian soldiers in the war between Russia/Ukraine, Putin is smarter than this, he must have a good reason. Biden will never say what he is offering extra.

This is more of an "aspirational" policy change by Putin, given that, at the moment, he can't keep his own troops in Ukraine adequately supplied with arms!? "Putin: Russia is ready to arm its allies" Reuters https://t.co/g9FFJeGMwX

@ChuckCallesto I do wonder, did Putin start the war with Ukraine or was it the fault of Mr/Mrs/Ms climate change ?

@nzherald #Ukraine #Russia #kyiv #Zelenskyy #USA #NATO Contrary to mainstream media; Ukraine lost against Russia. USA sanctions have failed to affect Russia. Putin is more popular than ever. USA tossing coins into the void with zero wishes realised. No new missile base for Xmas

@FANSSNomad @donutreport1 @ClareAdams @mtracey Ukrainians are fighting fo democracy-loving people everywhere. This war is not just a regional squabble. It's the battle between democracy and despotism. Why do you think only authoritarian dictators support Putin? The same reason Ukraine is supported by the entire Free World.

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