Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@alezetab @MattLightCrim How is the attack an escalation? Putin has attacked targets deep inside Ukraine all year.

Proliferation and Nuclear Winter: If Putin drops an Atom Bomb on Ukraine, Iran, Saudi Arabia -- Everyone -- will Want a Bomb https://t.co/FEzNIwMFw5 via @jricole

@TheBMutualist I can acknowledge that Putin made the call for the Russian military to invade Ukraine, will you acknowledge the decades long conflict you know all about was absolutely instigated by American foreign policy?

@WallStreetSilv Putin threatens the west with nuclear weapons coz they won't let him invade Ukraine in peace.His sock-puppets on Russian TV yell to each other about how it takes only one missile and 202 seconds to destroy Britain.Then one nuke for each of the US coasts &mission accomplished.

@elonmusk @EvaFoxU Next time Putin calls you to fill your ear with idiotic poison, tell him he’s lost in Ukraine and to leave. THAT is the only end.

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