Putin - Ukraine Tweets

5/6 -weaknesses are exposed. And as we watch history unfold in eastern Ukraine—Russians retreating on the battlefield, Russians fleeing their own country en masse to avoid the fight, and a panicked Putin threatening a genocidal response—we are watching in real time a profound and

@mifi_https @DrFlorianHerzog @PhillipsPOBrien maschine to be taken home than the conquest of Ukraine or national pride. Those people want better living standards, better roads, jobs, prosperity, chances. There's a reason Putin feared mobilization. For a while he can force these people to do his will. But when sanctions >

@elonmusk @tegmark Don't be scared. The whole world should show Putin, that he must leave Ukraine. This is the only solution. You will loose everething, if you will be scared by Putin. He can repeat this every time, he wants more. Just see that starling works over Ukraine and stop tweeting crap.

@MandelaMinutes Cannon fodder. Putin has recruited from all the minorities while saving the skin of the Caucasian Russian. The Muslim of Ukraine have rejected Putin while Kadyrov and his fellow miscreants are just meccenaries in this failure.

Morning little buddy Zhang @ChinaAmbUN #JinPing #CCP sneaking around in the dark telling others in whispered voice they don't support #Putin is a joke. Say it out loud... #Putin leave... #CrimeaIsUkraine Say it out loud #СлаваУкраїні Thanks bud @USUN @UKRinUN #UkraineRussiaWar

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