Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@NATO More weapons to Ukraine, and harsher Sanctions on Russia and Putin https://t.co/rtk1mSEbC5

@FoxNews This is pure wickedness, shame to the leaders of this so called world powers,shame to president of Ukraine and russia,my problem is why is it that only the masses are dying none of the leaders have died neither putin or zelenscky only the poor masses are suffering from this mess

Putin can't back-off in Ukraine. If he does he's a dead man, and he doesn't want to be a dead man.

Someone is preparing for war other than the Ukraine. Say NAT0? JUST IN - Putin signs a decree to increase the Russian armed forces by 137,000 to 1.15 million.

@ClarkeMicah @danelawdave Angela Merkels decision to terminate Nord Stream 2 was the green light Putin needed to attack Ukraine. It didn’t just open the door for him, it actively encouraged him to go in.

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