Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@Angry_Staffer Just awesome job #Ukraine️! Cutting off supplies from Russia into your country will make a huge difference. Putin can try rebuild fast, let him waste resources and blow it again. Additionally logistics can only shift so much, every Russian supple convoy is easy 🎯 now.

@arunpudur @Ukraine So he ‘Put-in’ bridge back in order 😁

I will say. all due respect, Mr. Musk, If Taiwan hasn't fired a single shot and you want them to share it with the Chinese. Fortunately, the defense of Ukraine is not in his hands, otherwise he would have handed it over to Putin. sigo / hilo

@RepMTG The war in Ukraine, a democracy invaded by an Authoritarian without provocation, would have spread if Putin had not been contained. We can’t ignore Russian aggression.

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