Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@johnfran1977 @JoJoFromJerz @RonFilipkowski Sorry you have been mislead by Joe Biden's lying administration and our fake MSM why Putin banned misinformation CNN, MSNBC also CBS fled right on out of there! I live streamed the whole thing! Ukraine beg Biden for 6 Billion and said stop antagonizing the situation!

@POTUS My heart goes out to the citizens of Ukraine - Putin should have never invaded the country. But Ukraine was already lost the second it was seized by the #BUILDBACKBETTER Criminals. #WORLDECONOMICFORUM #CORRUPTION #INFLATION #OIL #WEF https://t.co/soI9gerjOf

@john83095171 @johnniedoors @MonicaCrowley Get another talking point will you✔️you have beat this one to death and it’s pure BS- in fact Putin would not of pull this Ukraine BS if Trump was here

@AZmilitary1 Simple. That was the initial project if Ukraine had managed to retake Dombass, which was Zelensky's February project interrupted by Putin. Anyone who reviews it honestly knows that was what was being planned. In this framework, what would the division look like?

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