Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@Tendar Also the Russian army that is now in Ukraine is cut by those blocks, too. Putin doesn't want them to return, because there's a big chance their eyes will open and they will see who are their real enemy.

@Faytuks Christ, they are trying everything to create false flags between blowing up dams, nuclear and now dirty bomb. The idea is to frighten the West not to support Ukraine. Keep the pressure on Putin and Shoigu.

If Ukraine was made up of some of our fans Putin would have won in week one.

😳 So Putin is planting the seed to use a dirty bomb and then blame Ukraine.

@Teklobo1 @Spendilalicouis @IAPonomarenko @georgian_legion Ukraine isn’t perfect, like anyone else, but they are part of the west. We will support them. Also, Putin is a dictator & has had a plan to annex Ukraine since the 90’s for a greater stronghold on that region, so it has nothing to do with NATO. NATO is awesome.

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