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@JustJudyZee2 @CraigWeide @CrosgroveJack @ACTBrigitte Trump was too busy rolling over (see Syria) for Putin. He would have handed Ukraine over to Putin on a silver platter if asked. And Putin was unlikely to stop at just Ukraine

Now PUTIN is so desperate that he's emptying out the PRISONS to replace his DEAD SOLDIERS! Russia puts relatives of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine under surveillance – Ukrainian intelligence https://t.co/Euv3qnVWqh #SmartNews

@EHunterChristie It may be too late for the German government to portray an image of credibility(!) to Putin that suggests his actions will not create the desired effect. But they could at least emulate the example set by the population of Ukraine in the face of extreme hardship

@WarMonitor3 Putin gave Ukraine the justification to Ukraine to take back Crimea by force; otherwise Ukraine would be limited to only political means to reclaim Crimea. That was a bad move by Putin. Now he will find out he can't economically, politically, nor militarily defend Crimea!

Putin is ugly combination of Naziism and Stalinism - a chilling combination of genocidal hatred and threat to Ukraine, Russia, democracy, and the world -

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