Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@Pontifex Think of it this way, what are the odds we stopped nukes from falling? These nuclear gamblers gave 40 bill state of the art American weapons to Ukraine. @ the same Putin was finding his weapons got sold from under him. All he had to look @ were the nukes. Talk about 🕛to panic.

@CREWcrew Trump, you are a BIG LIAR, U would have helped Putin attack Ukraine.

@MojoJosho @sportsfan_ian @nayan09870 @BBCSteveR First stat seems very dubious. Yes on paper Ukraine is not a member - which is why Putin invaded. The reality is somewhat different. Only reason NATO allies aren’t even more overtly involved is potential for ww3.

@gone_gordon @DHinrio @mtracey @notabanderite Man, you're living in a dreamworld. Russia can hardly hold on in far-eastern Ukraine. What on EARTH makes you so freaking Certain in your pronouncements??? Putin has been very clear since 2008(!) that he draws the line at (1) Georgia & (2) Ukraine. Trade in yore crystal ball🙄

@themarketswork There are so many red flags with a number of shady dealings in Ukraine. But, if you have concerns about this, the trained social media seals and Project Mockingbird media will just say "Putin lover" and start high-fiving themselves for their Cenk Uygur School of Debate tactics.

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