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@mdinizribeiro @ggreenwald @rustyrockets Also his NATO expansion talking point is irksome. Putin got multiple guarantees from world leaders that Ukraine wouldnt join NATO. If that were the real reason for the invasion, he would not have invaded because he got guarantees that it wouldnt happen.

@Elliot88590870 @jacobswartz3 @corviticus @LPNational @POTUS Remember this tweet? Here’s what screwed up prices not to mention the price of gas jumped when Putin had troops on Ukraine’s border before he even invaded and then they spiked further. https://t.co/S6KdUmgsFj

The endless warfare in Ukraine was deliberately created. The Western press will not report the truth & will always point the finger at Putin. NATO only exists as long as Russia remains an enemy. The EU benefits from this since it provides the excuse to default and blames Putin.

Ukraine war: Volodymyr Zelenskyy hits out at Russian 'barbarism' after attack on Odesa port | World News | Sky News https://t.co/FhyUK0mUQu He's mental wat do you expect from the murder Putin

@RF_OSCE @RusEmb_LT @EUOSCE @RusEmbEst @RusEmbUSA @mfa_russia @PLinOSCE Stop killing people in Ukraine and send freedom / Russophobia comes because you believe in the fucking monsters of Putin , Lawrow, Medwedew and the other fucking Russian regime !!!

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