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He definitely isn't speaking for me. Even before Ukraine I thought Putin was a piece of shit. If you want to call me Unamerican because I don't agree with that asshole sending troops in to rape, torture , and kill innocent people I don't give a flying fuck. Call me what you wish.

3 major updates in Russia Ukraine War. Ukraine's spies say Putin prepari... https://t.co/rb5355SLUL via @YouTube

Being against Ukraine in the current conflict or at least wanting them cut off from all foreign aid is one of the most empty-headed populist takes currently going. Putin is 10x the corrupt tyrant Trudeau is and this has been the most successful financial intervention ever.

Kyiv will be bombed by Moscow. More than likely, after Putin calculates that he no longer has any gain in Ukraine, or that he can’t win, he will drop a nuclear warhead on Ukraine’s capital. This action will ignite WWIII which will for the most part be fought conventionally.

@ERIC_1A Pretty much the same. Honestly, I do feel for the regular citizens of the Ukraine who have no say in this, but I don't trust the Zelensky govt. any more than I trust the Putin govt. And NATO needs to go.

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