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@K611Jesse @RNCResearch @POTUS Biden caused Ukraine war too. He is as much to blame as Putin. Does the 2014 insurrection ring a bell?

Huge insights from inside the war zone in Ukraine from @PaulNiland who has been living in Kyiv for 20 years. No fear, but anger and resolve and a 100% belief that victory will come against Putin and his brutal murderous regime

@JitulAdhikary @Reuters Zelensky would also have no soul if he had just handed over Ukraine to Putin. How would have his People & History judged him????

@beamofthewave @richimedhurst A very bad thing. But not to be compared (or to justify) the very Hitlerian orgy of destruction unleashed by Putin in Ukraine.

@DrRadchenko Leaving aside the claim Ukraine demonstrates NATO nukes are an ineffective deterrent, which is not the case as they were never intended to deter war against Ukraine, the more important weakness of the argument is doing so would provide no guarantee Putin would end the invasion

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