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@RitaMar93112090 @kishineff @MrTarbash @vonderleyen @ZelenskyyUa Something like that. But unfortunately after putin is gone ruzzia will remain the same cause people there still have imperialistic ideas to conquer as much as they can. The only solution I see - demilitarize + isolate ruzzia after Ukrainian victory, and Ukraine joins EU + NATO

@Gerashchenko_en Yinz Russians should neutralize Putin and pull out of Ukraine! I’m 100% sure that would end the war immediately and Russia could save the lives of THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF MILITARY CONSCRIPTS! It’s a WIN WIN FOR RUSSIA

@mikepompeo the way Pompeo/Trump *deterred* Putin from reviving his empire (until after 2020 election) … was to *sell* Ukraine for billions … by giving an inch …

@MelnykAndrij @SZ Dear Mr President @ZelenskyyUa ACT NOW! For the sake of 🇺🇦❤ Remove this political Vice-Butt-head @MelnykAndrij👆 1. Melynk SCHADET #Ukraine 2. IMMER wenn er Mund aufmacht sinkt 🇩🇪Zustimmung für 🇺🇦! 3. #Melnyk: Best employee of #Putin Send this Bullshiter to WAR! @Klitschko https://t.co/vP1WFoX8gF

@Resist_05 I'm sick of Putin. Many times over. He won't stop at Ukraine and crawling under a bed hoping he stops is maybe not the best strategy

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