Putin - Ukraine Tweets

Everyone everywhere must fight Putin everyday. He is destroying his country for generations. No thoughtful person will ever forgive Russia for their crimes. #Ukraine#StandWithUkraine#Kyiv #Lviv #StopPutinNOW #WarCrimes https://t.co/xKpxIpzUrT

@Bucket0fRocks @ravovk @blackintheempir Helping to defend Ukraine makes them like Putin? That doesn't sound like America's fault.

Putin furious as Truss mulls stripping Russian assets in UK - to hand them over to Ukraine https://t.co/9lyAj0rCho #SmartNews

Putin orders Russians to battle on after key Ukraine metropolis falls | World Information https://t.co/sj9XP6RxmU

@KrisWustrow @tomaburque @DNikolaysen @WarMonitor3 This is not just Ukraine's War, it is a war against the west. If the west lets Putin win in Ukraine, world war 3 would be assured. We would have opened Pandora's box and that will be awful for mankind as a world.

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