Putin - Ukraine Tweets

@godzilla614 @BoyMomUSA @disclosetv When Putin completes the destruction of Ukraine...probably this or next month. Ukraine = Garbagecanistan

You gotta wonder how much dirt Zelensky has on America for us to be sending this much money. And if Ukraine is just a Slush Fund for the Deep State then why doesn't Putin just outright say it?

Now that Ukraine is getting closer to winning, Republicans are coming to Russias defense, all but making ads for Putin.

@hrobak67 @IAPonomarenko Cleverly sidelines Putin from negotiations about his own war. When russia gets desperate enough they’ll be forced to accommodate this condition. Also shows Ukraine knows what’s happening behind the scenes in russia.

@HarperBetter_ Who else would need it? Florida? Mississippi? Balderdash, our American dollars are need to protect Ukraine so Putin doesn’t get the Hunter Biden Files.

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