Purpose - Ukraine Tweets

You heard Joe Biden say, "We need to kill the central bank in Ukraine to trigger the World Bank loans." THEY ARE DOING ALL THIS ON PURPOSE.

Wow !! This man Joe Biden is a Compromise president not only to China but to Ukraine as well - Joe Biden is a DANGER TO OUR NATIONAL SECURITY!! It’s time to Remove this Corrupt Man before he gets us all in a War we Can’t win Bc our Armed forces are Depleted on Purpose!

@tedcruz They also released COVID on PURPOSE because they wanted Biden to be president. He is COMPROMISED on all sides. Ukraine gets whatever they demand, as does China. Joe Biden was POINT MAN for Ukraine and China.

driven. How can the #US run out of missiles? Purpose driven you prepare first. #US is depleting their stock in #Ukraine. This is a war between capital #West financial based economy & commodities & Industry on the #East. #Russian resources with #China's production capacity.

The way NBC news daily just said She’ll had record profits this year “thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” as if 1) it’s a positive thing and 2) they didn’t price gouge the hell out of us ON PURPOSE

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