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@ClownWorld_ Found the new grift now that @FTX_Official has been exposed for money laundering US taxpayer dollars through #Ukraine to US Politicans.

@RealRegAmerican @alexnieora_ @annetheflak @Victorshi2020 Ukraine Aid from US Career Politicans to Ukrainian Career Politicians. Ukrainian Career politicans to FTX aka the Laundromat. FTX to Ukrainian and US Career Politican's families. Why do you support this scheme? https://t.co/YHmJyCm37D

Hell yes. The money flows from Ukraine back into Politicans pockerts.

@Elie_louu @vonderleyen @JosepBorrellF Same here in Germany, only increase of energy prizes - thanks to war in Europe & sanctions. Why our european politicans doesn't work 24/7 to support negotiations with conflict parties Ukraine/ USA vs. Russia? Are they Independent or follow USA orders? https://t.co/k7sh7TZ4Ty

#Ukraine #ukrainecounteroffensive Weapons of destruction! Anglo & jewish american politicans are psycopaths! and the blacks and indigenos politicians are sheep! @RepChuyGarcia @RepMaxineWaters @EleanorNorton @AOC @AyannaPressley @RepJayapal @RashidaTlaib https://t.co/xogkK6TdGk

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