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@Reuters .@Reuters I'm a blogger. As a Polish, I'm not grateful to Russia for anything! I invite to my blog! https://t.co/SxaXGmya4G #Russian #Poland #UkraineRussiaWar #Ukraine #Putin #UkraineUnderAttaсk

@JoeySteel9 @devilsadv0c8 @RWApodcast So historians working for an official History Institute of Poland, talking about Polish history based on original documents gathered in archives aren't reliable Yet Lavrov who says Russia didn't attack Ukraine is https://t.co/kVvi8a0Re3

“My friends went to the Polish border & were treated awfully by the Ukrainian guards. It wasn’t just Black people like me; it was anyone who wasn’t white." Ukraine is White Nationalist. Then, Why is Biden handing them so much Money? Who's getting rich? https://t.co/jmRiV3w5lM

@Fluttermind Not the greatest Polish film, but that scene shook me up as a kid, I couldn't stop thinking how it must have felt ever since [With Fire and Sword / 1999 / about the Cossack uprising in then-Poland now-Ukraine] https://t.co/AEzjfOUran

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