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@Bologna_Pirate @apocalypseos Yes, really Poles overwhelmingly support Ukraine. Millions of their people are here. Is Ukraine exterminating minorities yes or no? If no, I don’t care. No one is “simping” dumb fuck. What are you 16? Someone who has dedicated their life to history, knows enough. Thanks though.

@andreasgal If My memory serves me correctly, it was the people in the area that is now known as Ukraine who sided with Hitler and committed unspeakable atrocities against Poles and in more modern times, multiple neo-Nazi groups and militias run amuck.

@Marbo07 @Oxet64 Senator Lindsey Graham famously said that with NATO weapons and funding Ukraine would "fight to the last person". Ukraine will soon run out of fighters but the Poles can't wait to join the bloodbath. Apart from mercs the Yanks and Brits won't risk their valuable lives

@visegrad24 Good response should be forced mobilization of all 16-40 year old Poles and sending them to die for Khazaria (European Israel) aka Ukraine

The 🇺🇦 has been a symbol of #Ukrainian Fascism since 1848. It's been responsible for murders of 10000s of Jews, Poles, Roma, Russians & other Slavs including #Ukrainians. 1. Thalerhof 2. Volhynia 3. Babi Yar etc #UkraineRussiaWar #UkraineWar #Ukraine#nazisinukraine https://t.co/SSaSF1oyu4

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