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@PetrMaestro @nexta_tv Did you read my comment? I wrote at least the Eurovision could take place in Polish cities near Ukraine Ukraine win a Eurovision and they have the right to participate Ukrainian have a right to be for next Eurovision without a visa and at a lower cost Poland is Ukraine's neighbor

No country supports Ukraine’s war effort more passionately than Poland and no country shelters more Ukrainians. Ukraine Poland relations have never been better. Polish political parties might disagree about everything else but they all strongly support Ukraine and her borders…

The losers keep acting like Russia is going to exit Ukraine so they are putting forces near Uk border and huffing their chests like they convinced Russia to not enter Poland. It's really childish and expected from them.

@Pro_Putin_Glory @GeromanAT I subscribe to the belief that if even Poland was to take Western Ukraine, it’d be done not just with Poland’s but Ukraine’s interests in mind too, and that Poland would return the land to Ukraine in short order. Ukraine’s border integrity is of uttermost concern for most of us!

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