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@Q11Bre @ianbremmer "It's not our problem". I remember those people. Thank god they were not the majority then. Ukraine deserves a better future just like the Baltic countries, Poland etc etc, unlike Belarus or Russia proper. Thank god for Nato, or else Putin would be already "denazifying" Latvia. https://t.co/uM4PYRkEbz

Does anyone remember where the German nazis fled? Central America, Poland, Ukraine, Hungry, united states under op paperclip. OP paperclip allowed nazis scientists to test bioweapons and so much more in Ukraine, Poland, Hungry.

@OMGTheMess Marles is an idiot. There is no country sending troops on the ground to Ukraine but it’s possible they could do training in the UK, Germany, Poland etc etc. Lets hope so

Give ⁦@Ukraine⁩ via @NYTimes #LongRangeMissiles so from ⁦@Kyiv⁩ they can destroy #Putins@Crimea#bridge & #ships ferrying reinforcements. ⁦⁦@Poland⁩ ⁦@germanyintheeu⁩ ⁦@Europarl_EN⁩ ⁦@EU_Commissionhttps://t.co/4dBKfOvzUN

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