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@mozza_fella I knew but not for good reasons. I was like 88 talks bro and they took Crimea, watching Poland build-up, I was like damn son. Then I waited, and it happened 2/24/22. Nations fall when there people cannot stand. Ukraine stood, and chucked war like it was the west. 🇺🇦 so I knew

@SgforgoodStella @JS1ZL Even in Poland and UK it is a small minority. But more people than here in the U.S., where support for Ukraine wars is strictly limited to those who get direct benefits from it. https://t.co/E1Abskyx2E

This is sick. This war on women is not going to have the result that these #fascist pricks think it will. #Women will *NOT* bend to the patriarchy's BS. We've come too far for that. Just look at women around the world. #Iran #Ukraine #America #Canada #Poland #Finland etc.

Finally, 2 of the "reasons" Putin cited on the 30th that Ukraine is Russian... • It was in the Russian Empire • The USSR drove Nazis out of it in WWII ...would also apply to at least Poland, and possibly parts of other NATO countries. The "off-ramp" just leads to the next war.

@KuyAurelian @OlenaHalushka Also, the silly billionaire (@elonmusk) doesn’t wish to remember that Putin started with Kyiv, wanted to invade the entire Ukraine, not just the east. Putin would’ve definitely continued to Poland and probably Germany too. Hitler also started with just one country.

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