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@IuliiaMendel Good decision! Poland did so everywhere. Ukraine must rebuild patriotism in every sphere to win.

@DucuGavril @SusanEdison1 @MedvedevRussiaE Please check again, Ukraine is just a colonial creation, just like many African and latin American countries, Ukraine is just Poland and Russian former territories, why don't you hear about Ukraine in history https://t.co/5br15rG5Wu

@JackPosobiec Just Poland alone had sent 240 tanks to Ukraine by April 2022. (Czech Republic - 90) Based on this, we can safely assume that Russians have destroyed more than 1,000-2,000 tanks by now. (other countries sent pretty much all of their Russian tanks to Ukraine already)

@ClarkeMicah You will not learn anything from her. On non UK matters she is hopeless. It will all be down to, if he gets away with it in the Ukraine, Poland will be next.

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