Penn - Ukraine Tweets

@Theo_TJ_Jordan A lot of background re Ukraine in this video. Sadly, we are being lied to at every turn. Celebs like Penn are complicit @JackPosobiec @RaheemKassam

@healthbyjames Why are we asking celebrities any opinions at all? Are they some sort of wise sages? Last I checked, Penn flew to Ukraine to hand Zelinsky an Oscar, does that seem like a rational person?

@healthbyjames Why did moron Penn meet with Zelensky then ? Zelensky is not vaccinated !! Just as 80 % of Ukraine.

@POTUS Question. How can one get the Chinese government to invest 50 million dollars in my Penn think tank and have myself and my son profit off of classified info to them and Ukraine? Asking for a friend. #sellout

@2024Tump That coming from someone who has already made his millions, not giving a rat's ass about talent on and off screen that are really struggling for roles and gigs. Penn is compromised by the Ukraine.

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