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@ZvikaKlein @ZelenskyyUa @Jerusalem_Post @Ukraine @MFA_Ukraine May I bring it to your attention, Mr. Klein, that it's 2021, and that the capital of Ukraine is Kyiv? If you tweeted out "Peking" rather than Beijing, would that reflect well on your knowledge of current affairs, for example?

No wonder Peking has made it clear that use of Nuclear weapons in Ukraine will be crossing the line. So Moscow wont use Nukes, Orders have been issued.

@Tigger0000 @Marguerite00 @ComptonMadeMe @RevBlackNetwork @Cirincione @briebriejoy Ukraine wasn't a free country in the '80s, my dude. Now they are, and according to them, it's Ukraine and Kyiv. Do you still say Peking and Madras?

Only two weeks ago, #Musk started a poll about his peace plan for Ukraine, public Outrage was enourmous. Now Olaf #Scholz drives to Peking with a hundred representatives of german business selling out german interests maybe hoping for a discount for some slave workers in /1

Bizarre stuff from #Ukraine's former President, Petro Poroshenko, congratulates Xi Jinping and praises him as "a strong advocate of peace and development", suggests #China will help "mitigat[e]" #Russian actions in Ukraine, when Peking supports Moscow.

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