Peace - Ukraine Tweets

🙏🏿 On this Thursday pray for all consecrated, esp for our @BishopMalesic and all who’ve yet to embrace the authenticity of #HolyLove Ministries and Heavenly Messages thru God’s chosen visionary Maureen #UnitedHearts ❤️❤️❤️💗 AND for P🙏🏼E🙏🏾A🙏🏻C🙏E btw Russia and Ukraine

@DmytroKuleba @SecBlinken Dear dmytro, The smart President is that who care for their citizens. But I think Ukraine became prey of two superpower. You will never understand cheap politics behind this war. You can't win war relying on others. So, be mature, and take steps for Peace.

🙏 On this Wednesday, pray for all #UnitedHearts Confraternity members and all who propagate #Gospel #Truth thru the #HolyLove Messages ❤️❤️❤️💗 AND for P🙏🏼E🙏🏾A🙏🏻C🙏E btw Russia and the Ukraine as requested by the #BVM

Another Hater with a Peace sign. He might as well add his Nazi Ukraine flag to the mix.

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