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@DlaRusskih @schmal_andreas @HopkoHanna @olex_scherba Because request for donations was posted in this manner you can be sure your money will not go to help some poor soldier shot in the back by Ukraine's right-wing extremists. With the help of PayPal, someone will cash out and grab next picture off the web, to scam the next one.

@BigRetroShow My drier is broken, the AC of my car is broken and I'm moving next month. This is way worse than living in Ukraine, if someone could send me money, I'll give my PayPal! 🙏 I really don't wanna sell my brand new Steam Deck 😭

@DastardlyDaniel Nice 0 iq post, you probably think Biden just sends Zelensky 50 bil on PayPal because you're a total moron while in reality Ukraine just receives weapons

NEWS: Dodo Socks (from Ukraine) & Paypal For those who want to order socks and pay via Paypal: Dodo socks is also on Etsy. There you can order and pay via Paypal (I have sent them an email and received a response): 👇👇👇

If you want to support Finnish volunteers in Ukraine, you can donate to us on Paypal or with an IBAN bank transfer FI98 4730 0010 6031 23

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