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@lucyfrazermp It’s well overdue but it’s time the US, UK, Isreal, Saudi Arabia should be banned along with them and Ukraine, all of them for human rights infringements, Isreal for genocide in Palestine and any country supporting them, no problem banning Russia, can’t stand hypocrisy

They conveniently leave out Palestinians suicide bombed Israel for 12 years is why they have a right to defend themselves and there isn’t an invasion happening in Palestine from Israel like Russia is doing to Ukraine.

@POTUS I think you should just worry about the terrible situation at the southern border, the current state of the u.s. economy, and what you’re doing in Ukraine…everyone forget about Palestine, OH, yet?

@moneillsf Iraq Syria Libya Afghanistan Palestine Yemen Ukraine but they have good intentions with Ireland 🤣

@ElvenLiberation @azadnyland @TerceraVenida To add to that, their support is only aesthetical. They are happy to ally with nazis in Ukraine, but ask them if they support armed resistance in Palestine (or, for example, in Yemen) and they will say that terrorists should be put down.

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