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@crentist_dds @Nrg8000 @Ipsos This is true - but Ukraine rejects the legacy of the USSR whereas Russia accepts it. Also, Russia continued to sell weapons to India, Ukraine sold to Pakistan. India stands against all Pak allies and with all Pak enemies ( eg. Cyprus, Armenia, Greece etc.)

@BorisJohnson The United Kingdom 🇬🇧 lifting arm from Pakistan 🇵🇰 to supply to Ukraine 🇺🇦. Boris Johnson is in this war to cover up his criminality in Ukraine 🇺🇦

@palkisu We will continue buying oil from Russia till the time we want. Ukraine is mad that we don't give 2 hoots about their war with Russia.Ukraine don't want to take a position against Pakistan when it comes to terrorism but wants India to support them against Russia.Hypocrites😂🤣

#Ukraine should stop this war with #Russia. Ukraine should start listening to #Putin and save themselves from more agony. #India should not help #Ukaraine except giving them some advise. #Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of weapons to #Pakistan. Infact $1.6 billion worth.

@RusEmbIndia World felt & saw the democracy of Usa, eu, nato....were/are not terroristic states? Bloodshed, tears, pains,millions of immigration, ruined & torn countries...japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, afghn, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Georgia, Venezuela, Brazil, pakistan...& Ukraine..

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