Pakistan - Ukraine Tweets

Is it just me or has the world gone mad? On the brink of WW3 with Ukraine suffering catastrophic damage and the football team playing internationals? Pakistan has millions affected by its own catastrophy yet their cricketers/thousands of fans enjoying cricket? #Ukraine #Pakistan

@paulg Any serious war requires serious public support. Like India and Pakistan ... they do not need a dictator to go to war, if no one was stopping them, they will be at it all the time. I think Russia and Ukraine are similar brothers ... they dislike so many small things between them

@DerekJGrossman Kid ...kid ...kid U need 7 birth to understand India & why we shouldn't be concerned about us Did Ukraine ever stand with us against China on Galwan or terrorism by Pakistan...No Give moral advice to them

@shivaku14825253 @WarAround @Joyce_Karam Shh.. keep silent. They did when pakistan butchered over 30m people till now and this is still going But India abstained voting for Ukraine 😔

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