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@DVATW Anyone with a Ukraine Flag or Pin in the US should be drafted and sent over seas to fight for Zelensky while he is in Florida or at the Oscars.

‼️Another fake video produced by the Russians to discredit Ukrainians It seems that since the Navalny film has been promoted for the Oscars, another Russian fake wants to enter the competition 🤡 #Ukraine #Russia #UkraineRussiaWar https://t.co/xRo4OldjXZ

@mtaibbi Being in the tank is exceptionally risky right now. Next thing you know you're in Ukraine fighting Zelensky's war while he's shilling at the Oscar's. (Yes, I recognize we need to push Russia back, doesn't mean I'm among those desperately wishing he'd start an OnlyFans)

@_JacksonRhodes_ @softcardi @FZYBONZ @StephenM @ChrisMurphyCT I'll see if ABC will clear 30 minutes for our debate before the Oscars. In the meantime, I'll present the argument in terms you, lacking an empathy gene, can better understand: US drops $800B/yr on defense. Ukraine currently taking out one of the few threats that budget addresses

@yuliaioffe The charge that he did not organise anti-war pro-Ukraine rallies "before the Oscars" does not seem to be correct. He was calling for his supporters to join such protests as early as 2014. This is from his blog (Sep 2014): https://t.co/3m72Rtmjnu

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