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@BethGross1234 @RobbieDague @Andy >Ukraine flag Ah, so you've never had an original thought in your life and have always followed the crowd and what is popular? Opinion discarded.

@disclosetv So Ukraine This Appears to be an Unfortunate Accident due to Russia Invasion of Your Country So In Reality this Was Russia's Fault. And this would Not have happened if Russia did not start this awful thing #Opinion #disclose

@RusalkaNYC @IMatviyishyn Why would you want to harass her for writing her Opinion? I thought Ukraine was for Democracy, which comes with Freedom of Speech.

Cheney imparts 5 critical observations on the eve of the midterms 1 Failed Republican leaders 2 Fate of Ukraine 3 Cheney v Trump apologists 4 Justice Department does its job 5 No election deniers |Opinion @JRubinBlogger https://t.co/RzfX9oM9BF

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